a conservation rules & guidelines of
Inaugural ECO INBA

Dear fellow runners & walkers!
Please obey the following rules to protect the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Inba to hand over to the future generations.

1. The course will be open for 9 hours to participants who start at 5 AM & for 7 hours to participants who start at 7 AM.
2. Those who come to the start by non-registered non-EV will be disqualified, pls. take public transportations, bicycle, running or walking.
3. Excretion on or near the course will be subject to disqualification, please use toilets at every 1.6Km.
4. It’s mandatory to bring your own water bottle and cup to use on the course and fill it out by yourself at water stations.
5. To be elected as the EcoHero, participant need to pickup and carry the trash on the course to the finish then to be taken proof photos.
6. Those who drop trash on the course and didn’t picked up will be disqualified and will be asked to leave from the course.
7. It’s prohibited to use headphone / i-pod or non-single file / running with support bicycle on bike paths.
8. Express your gratitude & respect by greeting, “Thank you! ” to volunteers, first aid personnel, course marshals, police officers & spectators.
9. It’s mandatory to take all trash regardless bringing in or received to home or hotel to recycle.
10. EcoHero will be elected from the photos by participants & volunteers shown at the Farewell Party.

10 small steps in your EVERYDAY LIFE to make a BIG difference for the future generations.

1. Respect nature and cultural heritage to enrich the biology and cultural diversity of our Planet.
2. Use less water and detergent as possible to conserve and protect the environment.
3. Walk, run or cycle for shorter distance instead of driving cars or trucks.
4. Bring your own toto bag for grocery or shopping to reduce plastic or paper bags.
5. Buy or cook minimum amount of locally grown foods to reduce the carbon footprint & the waste.
6. Choose environmentally responsible products smartly when you buy or rent.
7. Drive EV, take public transportation or shut off the engine when you stop for extend periods.
8. Set moderate temperature in your house or car to conserve the energy.
9. Recycle oil, clothes, furniture, bottles, cans and papers for the conservation of natural resources.
10. Leave nothing but your footprints on streets, trails, forests, mountains and beaches.

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... Eco Slow Marathon Inba aka ECO INBA. Why don't you walk or run for environment, peace and Japan Quake Orphans <-日本とタイの被災者に届ける義援金1万円を寄付する善意の参加者300名は参加費無料で受付中! Yes, we will organize REGISTRATION FREE Ecomarathon Inba on April 1, 2012 for 300 Heroes who are willing to donate 10,000yen for Japan Quake & Thai Flood Victims
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