Slow Running is recommended at ECO INBA

Respected runner of the 21st century will be evaluated by the contribution to environment & peace, but not by speed.

All marathons are time race, but we are different. We don’t time or place but we ask to the world, “Why don’t you walk or run for environment & peace?” We believe runners of the 21st century should be evaluated by the contribution to environment & peace which are most important issues for the survival of human being, but not by speed or ranking. At ECO INBA, the participants can enjoy the maximum of 9 hours to complete 42.2Km or 5 hours to complete 21.1Km to make the wider range of age and physical abilities including beginners and elderly can cross the finish line with big smile under a safe and comfortable environment. To secure the safety of the participants, the course of ECO INBA will not be roadways, but park trails, side walks, farm roads and bike paths to avoid accidents with motorized vehicles. Therefore, to avoid accidents caused by the fast runners tend to repeat the runaway behavior such as red light running or PTSD due to a sense of fear to the other, we disqualify those fast runners who cross the finish line under 5 hours (42K) or 2 hours (21K) after the start or crossing the finish line before noon.

We encourage Slow Running or walking by setting a comfortable cruising speed of 8.4Km or less to enjoy communicating with nature and fellow participants, volunteers, police officers, first aid personnel, spectators or birds with an open mind and respect by picking up trash or taking photos each other, not throwing cups or bottles without caring for the others or environment which was a common scene in marathons for their own satisfaction.

The goal and mission of ECO INBA is to conserve clean air and water, essential to human survival to create a harmonious peaceful planet by showing a road map for the realization of ZERO EMISSION society. To achieve this goal, we establish ECO TIPS, a conservation rules and guidelines.

ECO TIPS prohibits participants to throw trash on the course and driving non electric motorized-vehicle to the start in order to reduce Nitrogen oxides (NOX) and other toxic substances. To make ZERO EMISSION course, ECO TIPS mandates to bring own water bottle or cup to eliminate paper cups and bottles at aid stations. The violators of ECO TIPS will be disqualified. To secure the safety and comfort of the volunteers and participants, we install 27 aid stations with toilets, police officers at busy intersection without traffic lights and emergency personnel in ambulance along the course.

ECO INBA welcome oversea participants from variety of region, culture and religious back grounds.

We observe differences fit together through the international sports exchange by walking or running for the same goal. The Participants of ECO INBA will enjoy Carbo Party, CosPlay Trash Picking Up or Photo Contest on the course, Japanese Drum Group aka Wadaiko performance at picnic after crossing the finish line and participants of the Award Ceremony will enjoy Sushi dinning and the slide show of application photos of Photo Contest on a big screen to vote ECO HERO, the highest honor of ECO INBA at the host hotel of ECO INBA in Chiba New Town.

Through these unique fun-oriented non-competition international sports exchange, we are aiming to build a foundation of mutual understanding and trust to be a catalyst to enhance opportunities for a society of lasting peace without war.

The most respected participants of ECO INBA won’t be the fastest, but those who had contributed most for environment and peace with unique personalities and talents to make everybody happy and smile.  

... Eco Slow Marathon Inba aka ECO INBA. Why don't you walk or run for environment, peace and Japan Quake Orphans <-日本とタイの被災者に届ける義援金1万円を寄付する善意の参加者300名は参加費無料で受付中! Yes, we will organize REGISTRATION FREE Ecomarathon Inba on April 1, 2012 for 300 Heroes who are willing to donate 10,000yen for Japan Quake & Thai Flood Victims
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